Our Mission

The Millennial Award Show is a new take on wine and spirits competitions.

The Millennial Award Show is about targeting the consumers of today’s younger generation in a way that helps raise product awareness and makes selecting the perfect wine or spirit for any occasion a piece of cake!

According to USA today: 42 percent of wine in the U.S. was consumed by millennial’s last year, outnumbering any other generation. However, with so
many different varieties and brands to choose from, picking out a wine or spirit can feel very tedious and overwhelming. Our company strives to bridge the gap between the millennial palate and the wineries and distilleries that provide their products.

In order to help millennial consumers make a more informed decision when selecting wine or spirits, we have created a signature medallion which will help consumers identify the products our selected Influencer judges picked out and deemed worthy of purchase.

Our aim is to provide the best level of service by taking the time and care to make sure our medallion only goes on products of the highest quality, so that the end-consumer spends less time choosing a wine or spirit, and more time enjoying it.

How do we decide which to give our honorary medallion to?

Well, our team has appointed a handful of Social Media Influencers to evaluate the various wine and spirits entries and nominate a winning product.

This particular industry has typically been geared towards an older generation, and it seems as though the older we get the bigger the palate difference is. Experienced wine and spirits critics tend to have a more refined palate, whereas a regular consumer might not. By using a younger,
millennial demographic to taste and judge various products, it helps to expand on this very narrow market and make the process of purchasing wine and spirits an easier, and more relatable process.