Capturing the #MillennialTaste

The first round of the 2018 Millennial Award Show has concluded


The first round of the 2018 Millennial Award Show has concluded and the results are in! As previously announced, we will be having a second round of tastings (including the “Best of The Best tasting”) at the end of November so if you haven’t entered all of your wines and spirits, do so NOW!

But first, Brunch!

Millennial Award Show Kick-Off Brunch

Sunday’s Millennial Award Show kick-off brunch was a rousing success! Millennial tasters and wine enthusiast gathered at the wonderful N10 Restaurant to celebrate our “First Brunch” and the launch of a new competition seeking to recognize the best brands and products according to Millennial tastes. Big shout out to Jason Yu and Charity Johnston who gave such discerning evaluations to the wines served. We want to thank our lovely supporters Bodvár Rosé  and Fasoli Gino winery for sponsoring the event.


Why enter?

It is no secret technology has changed the game for marketing but what is shaking up the industry is how ordinary people are using technology and gaining power over consumers. Marketers have found it difficult to connect brands across all industries to the new generation of consumers. However, a group of individuals have found a way to reach them. That group is referred to as social media Influencers. These individuals have found a way to make connections with consumers through trust, expertise, attractiveness and similarity.. to read more click here.


Targeted Demographic

We hire the end-consumer.
We hire Millennials, the demographic that has the highest purchasing power.


Targeted Exposure

We hire the right end-consumers.
We hire the influencial Millennials.
We hire Social Media Influencers, who will post, tag and write about the competition and the winning products.

Consumer Trust. Seal Of Approval

We hire selected Social Media Influencers, who will expose the medallion to a big audience, making the medallion recognizable and help consumers identify it wherever they see it, they will know the value of the Millennial Award medallion.

Privacy Policy

In order to protect the reputations of those brands that were not awarded medals we have chosen not to disclose the names of all those who have entered. Our privacy policy is founded on the belief that every brand should have the opportunity to improve the quality of their product, maintaining a clean slate for future competition.

Uncompromised evaluation

The wine and spirits competition will include a full week of tastings in different locations with each location containing a team of 4-10 judges. The judging will last no longer than 5 hours each day as we care about your products and promote uncompromised evaluations.

The Judges

Meet our Influencers
Jason Yu

Jason Yu

Charity Johnston

Charity Johnston

Beverage Director The Madera Group
Howard Leight Jr.

Howard Leight Jr.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards Owner

The Competition Process

Our Partners

For all entries from Japan & Asia, please contact our partner “Tokyo Business Partners Corp.” for assistance.  They can be reached via e-mail at

Los Angeles
+1 310 999 2281